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Professional Development

Professional Development Institute 

Ohio as America

Monday, July 23, 2018
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Ohio as America PD Bites 



Distance Learning

Presented by: Matthew Schullek, Distance Learning Coordinator

Matthew Schullek, Distance Learning Coordinator, defines Distance Learning (DL) and discusses the benefits of participating in DL programming. He also reviews equipment requirements for running a DL program, and the variety of DL programs and resources offered by the Ohio History Connection, and other institutions in Ohio and across the country. To watch this PD bite Click Here

Ohio History Day: Youth Division

Presented by: Betsy Hedler, Youth Coordinator, Ohio History Day

Betsy Hedler, Youth Coordinator, Ohio History Day, discusses the basics of Youth History Day, how educators can get involved in Youth History Day, where to find resources, student project types, tips to help students begin their project, and Youth History Day as project-based learning. To watch this PD bite Click Here

Using Object-Based Learning as a Teaching Tool

Presented by: Sohayla Pagano

Sohayla Pagano, Coordinator, Educational Outreach, discusses the power of objects and object-based learning in the classroom. Learn how examining objects as primary sources can engage students' natural curiosity and help them develop and refine historical thinking skills. To watch this PD bite Click Here

Blended Learning

Presented by: Betty Blockinger

Betty Blockinger, Creative Learning Factory Coordinator, defines blended learning and gives tips and tricks on how to implement it in the classroom. She also showcases blended learning resources designed for classroom use. To watch this PD bite Click Here

Primary Sources: Teaching Critical Thinking Skill

Presented by: Carmen Derrick

Carmen Derrick, Content Coordinator, discuss how primary and secondary sources can be used in the classroom to engage students and develop critical thinking skills. She provides information on how to navigate valuable online resources and how to appropriately utilize them in educational materials. To watch this PD bite Click Here


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